Before you get started, you have to understand that having a website is not the same as having a blog. A blog is where you constantly update your content to attract new visitors and engage readers. It is one of the most effective marketing tools that will help you grow your customer base rapidly. Starting a blog can be a boon for your website as it has quite a few benefits:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): In this dynamic and highly digitalized world, SEO is a technique that all marketers swear by. To do this, you have to create content that is done by your blog in a way that it ranks higher in the Google Search Engine results and attracts more traffic.

Engaging customers: By creating quality content, you can engage your readers on your blog. They will eventually like to spend their time on your website, learn something new, and also look forward to new content that you publish. This develops a healthy customer relationship and creates goodwill for your brand. 

Monetize your blog: With a good niche, solid content filled with SEO, a theme-based website, and good images, you can survive in the long-run and eventually build a brand and monetize your blog. There are multiple ways of earning through your blog. 

In this blogging vs Affiliate marketing tool, let’s explore both of them together. While both methods have high income generating potential, blogging is limited to a single website. You get access to only a single platform to make your pitch and reach out to customers. Affiliates can access other channels like social media, email, forums. To execute either of the methods, mostly the same skill-set is required, however, blogging is a time-consuming process. In affiliate marketing, no overhead expenses are required, you only pay when a sale is converted.

It is not necessary to choose between the two marketing tools. To earn a wholesome amount of money, you can combine both the methods and gain the maximum benefit out of it. It is seen that mostly all the affiliates are also bloggers. You can have a blog to publish relevant and helpful content and implement the affiliate marketing model to promote products and get more readers for the blog. To do this, through affiliate programs, promote products in your content that will prove to be helpful to your readers by fulfilling their needs or solving their problems. Bloggers making money through affiliate marketing is a very effective method. This way you can optimize the quality content on your blog to monetize it. You can have control over what services or products are promoted on your blog.

There is no clear winner amongst the two. Blogging and Affiliate marketing are two different marketing methods. Choose a method depending on the goals that you wish to achieve, the resources you have, and on what will your target audience respond to the most. The best possible way is to combine both methods instead of choosing between the two to optimize the results. Therefore, we would recommend combining blogging and affiliate marketing instead of choosing to stabilize your income in the long-run.

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