5 Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Groups You Should Join

by Dylan Gordon | Last Updated on July 21, 2020

Being an affiliate marketer can be a lonely journey, mainly if you aren’t connected with similar minds!

That’s exactly how I felt when getting started online…

Struggling to get results, having nobody to chat and ask questions with.

Until I started dabbling inside of Facebook groups loaded with top affiliate marketers!

At that point, everything changed.

Being able to ask simple questions and get real-time answers from other affiliates is invaluable, and it’s led to some truly awesome connections online!

That’s why I urge you to break out of your shell and join some of my recommendations, you’ll even find me active in these communities. 🙂

Let’s get right into the best affiliate marketing communities on Facebook!

Why You Should Be Active Inside Of These Affiliate Marketing Communities

As I said, hopping into these affiliate marketing Facebook groups has helped me a bunch on my journey, and I know it will do the same for you!

There’s three main reasons for this…

I’ve been able to connect with a bunch of similar minded individuals inside of these groups.

Not only have they impacted my business, they’ve come to be great connections I’m sure I’ll stay in touch with!

While it may seem like a waste of time, you really should be learning from everybody you can.. you never know who will be able to help you out.

Certain groups on this list offer support, such as “ask me anything” threads, polls, and in other various ways.

Affiliate marketing gets a bad rep (thanks spammers!) but in the groups I listed below, you get access to affiliate marketing communities where spam and “value posts” aren’t tolerated, making for a better experience overall!

Whether it’s sharing your wins, losses, and experiences – you’ll get the support you need inside of these free groups.

Real-time answers

While I typically do a quick Google search for any questions I may have, I respect other’s opinions inside of these groups much more than a search.

Since there are people I trust and who have helped me, I’m sure there recommendations are in my best interest – you can’t always guarantee that when dealing with “guru’s.”

All of the groups on this list currently allow for instant posting, so you can get real-time answers to your questions! It’s really a helpful way to get opinions and thoughts on anything that concerns you.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Communities On Facebook

#1: Automation Nation

How many members are inside? Over 14,000

Who owns the group? Spencer Mecham

Group type: Closed

Topics covered inside: Marketing automation, affiliate marketing, passive income strategies

Why you should join this community

Spencer Mecham has earned well over 7-figures as an affiliate marketer , and he provides a ton of value inside of this group for free!

In addition to this, he has a paid course that has helped many other affiliates become dream car winners (see my review of Affiliate Secrets 2.0).

Most of his students are inside of the community and willing to help, so it’s a great place to network with super affiliates and other aspiring affiliates.

Not only will you learn affiliate marketing and marketing automation strategies, but you’ll be plugged into a community that you can grow with!

How many members are inside? Over 4,000

Who owns the group? Chris Fong

Group type: Closed

Topics covered inside: Affiliate marketing, SEO, Email marketing, ClickFunnels

Why you should join this community

Chris is an affiliate marketer and SEO who is well-known for ranking highly for popular marketing tools on Google, whether it’s a review, comparison, or round-up.

As somebody who’s earned at least 6-figures per year as an affiliate marketer for many years, he knows a lot about affiliate marketing and is overall a great guy!

I’d urge you to join Chris’ group as he’s somebody who’s really impacted my business over the past year of knowing him and being in his community.

I’ve even met some other awesome marketers inside of this group!

How many members are inside? Over 175

Who owns the group? Sam Rexford

Group type: Closed

Topics covered inside: Affiliate marketing, Blogging, and other passive income strategies

Why you should join this community

Sam is an awesome marketer, known for blogging and direct-response marketing. He shares a bunch of different strategies inside of the group that are sure to help you out!

Whether it’s high-ticket affiliate marketing or blogging and building niche sites, Sam has you covered.

He even helped me learn a super valuable backlink strategy, which has helped my business grow massively!

Oh, and I’m a moderator in the community so I’m very active here – hope to see you inside 😉

How many members are inside? Over14,000

Who owns the group? Matt Diggity

Group type: Closed

Topics covered inside: Affiliate marketing, Niche blogging, and SEO

Why you should join this community

Matt Diggity is one of the world’s best SEO’s and affiliate marketers, and he’s somebody I’ve followed closely for quite some time now.

He owns multiple companies in the SEO industry, and shares everything he knows from building and flipping a massive portfolio of sites inside of his paid course, The Affiliate Lab which I highly recommend!

Aside from Matt, this group is loaded with seasoned full-time affiliate marketers who focus on SEO, so it’s a really great community to learn from in my experience.

While I’m not nearly as active as I am in other groups, I receive a bunch of value daily from reading the discussions.

How many members are inside? Over 4,000

Who owns the group? Jacob Caris

Topics covered inside: Affiliate marketing, Facebook organic marketing, Mindset improvement

Why you should join this community

Jacob Caris is an elite affiliate marketer, winning the ClickFunnels dream car contest, earned the $100,000 ring from Legendary Marketer, and placing in the KBB launch!

And he’s crushed it using multiple different strategies, which is even more impressive!

Needless to say, he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Not only will he teach you affiliate marketing strategies, but he’ll share important mindset switches that will make all the difference in your business.

He’s one of the only marketers I follow nowadays, because his content is super actionable to all types of strategies!

Now that we’ve went over the best affiliate marketing groups on Facebook, you should take advantage and join these free communities!

There’s nothing to lose, and a ton of upside by simply joining and networking inside.

You may even find a connection inside that changes your life!

So I’d highly recommend you to pick a few groups (or all of them) that resonate with you, join, and see how you like them.

If you don’t like the groups, you can simply leave and move on with your life… but I’m sure your experience will be much better than that.

That’s all I have for you today, hope to catch you inside of these awesome communities! 😉

Hey! Dylan here, I’m the guy behind HustlerSource. After years of building different online businesses from the ground up, I designed this website to help you find the right tools and strategies to grow your own business!

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